Settling down….just for a little bit! ;-)
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Well, the adventure had to come to an end some time…..well maybe just put it on pause for a little bit ;-) Cathy and I are back in Northern Virginia and life is good! The job thing was not panning out in Co. so we have decided to set up shop back in NoVA. We have been back in the area for a few months now, and I have just landed a Logistics Specialist position with General Dynamics……and YES, I’ll admit it has been pretty rough getting out of bed early every morning, but it is also really nice to be back earning money again! Cathy has gone back to interpreting, and is also excited about the start of the lacrosse season. For the mean time we are still crashing at my sister’s place, but by June we should be back in the condo in Brambleton. To organize the blog a little better, we have created a ‘The Trip’ heading, which organizes all the post in a  much easier chronological order for looking back on the adventures we had. For those we have not yet caught up with since being home, we look forward to seeing you, and for those we have, we look forward to spending more time with you. Till the next adventure, remember……..the world is always calling! ;-)

Cathy and Jamie